Installing your ESIM on Android Devices

This help guide walks you through the steps required to install an eSIM on Android Device’s, the guide was created using a Samsung Galaxy S21 with the most recent version of Android software available at the time, Android 13.

There are two install options offered in this help guide, either “install using a QR code” or “manual install”

Before starting the install, it is important you have the following three components:

  •  A strong internet connection – Ideally using a Wifi network or a good 4G connectionAn
  • eSIM compatible device – If unsure, a list of compatible devices is provided here compatible devices
  • The device is not locked to one particular network

Don’t forget to turn on “Data Roaming” after install!

Installation using a
QR Code

Step 1. Scan the QR Code that you received


1.1) Open camera > Scan QR > Tap “Add plan to phone”


1.2) Go to Settings > Connections > SIM manager > Add eSIM

Then tap “Scan QR code from service provider” > Now scan the QR code provided

Step 2.

When prompted, tap “Add” > Allow up to 5 minutes for the eSIM to activate > Tap “Done”

Step 3. Configure your eSIM

3.1) Leave “Calls” and “Messages” set to your original primary SIM

3.2) Tap “Mobile Data” > Select the eSIM > Tap “Change”

Step 4. Enable Data Roaming

Go to “Settings” > Connections > Mobile networks > Ensure “Data roaming” is turned on